Beauty and the Right to the Ugly [2014]

three-channel video installation, colour, soundtrack
metal structure with acoustic panels
56 min.

Maaike Balk
Jan van Belkum
Frans Benjamins
Asnate Bockis
Lo Boelhouwers
Jochem Bouma
Paul Diederen
Marcel Dukino
Romeo K. Gambier
Sylvain Hartenberg
Rikie Hoek
Erik Hornman
Lukas Jager
Mirjam Kuhr
Willem Kuhr
Twan van Lieshout
Jan de Lint
Ad Maas
Paul van Meerendonk
Niels Meissner
Hans Muskens
Clarence van Niel
Eva Pfannes
Ron Steiner
Maria Stortelder

Sébastien Koeppel
Artur Castro Freire
Ben De Wandel

live music
Romeo K. Gambier
Clarence van Niel
Ad Maas

sound recording
Pieter Van Eesbeek
Kwinten Van Laethem

sound mix
Titus Maderlechner

filmed on location
Het Karregat, Eindhoven

produced by
Auguste Orts ︎

Beauty and the Right to the Ugly is a cinematic experiment set in the multifunctional community centre Het Karregat in Eindhoven. Het Karregat, designed by architect Frank van Klingeren and completed in 1974, was constructed in the centre of a neighbourhood of new housing, seeking to encourage communal forms of habitation. The design was an open-plan space wherein different activities and functions – a library, a school, a café, a health centre, a supermarket and communal area – would be connected as part of the same superstructure. This was intended as an experiment at a social level, to become a catalyst for bringing together the neighbours and enhance social contact through negotiation and conflict. It was kept functionally open in order to allow the users to shape the space. Produced through multiple shoots, one of which one was open to the public, the film examines the development – and partial failure – of this utopian architecture, while conceiving and implementing a filming methodology that translates architectural premises such as ‘open’, ‘user-led’ and ‘participative’ into cinematic devices.


Installation view of Berlinale Forum Expanded, 2015, Akademie der Künste Berlin. Photographs by David von Becker

Installation view including display tables for borrowed works by Constant Nieuwenhuis at Van Abbemuseum, 2014. Photographs by Peter Cox