From Left to Night [2015]

video installation, colour, sound
32 min.

Dean Burke (aka Owlz)
Denise Ferreira Da Silva
Mehrak Golestan (aka Reveal)
Wanderley Moreira Dos Santos
Louise Shelley
Romeo K. Gambier
(aka Mixmaster Fader)

Kate McDonough

sound recording
Jeremy Brown

sound mix
Titus Maderlechner

filmed on location
Joe Strummer Subway, Red Bus Studios
Paddington Green Police Station, London

comissioned by
Emily Pethick
with Louise Shelley
for The Showroom, London︎

From Left to Night LP︎

In From Left to Night a number of seemingly unconnected players, places, events, subjects and histories, drawn from the neighborhood of The Showroom, London, meet in a two-day film shoot, connecting six people, three locations, and the different subjects and forms of knowledge that they bring with them. The people include two London-based hip-hop artists, a political theorist and a psychologist (both of them Brazilian), a hip-hop DJ from the Netherlands and The Showroom’s collaborative projects curator. The subject matter ranges from urban tensions – such as unresolved histories of the 2011 London riots – to new feminist and racial theories, music videos, 1960s idealist architecture and the personal ways in which each of the protagonists relates to them. The film explores social dynamics and behaviors, the governing systems and architectures by which they are provoked and reinforced, and the voice and language of the individual in their midst. Locations for filming move between the outside of Paddington Green Police Station, where UK terror suspects are detained and questioned, to the subway beneath it, where punk musician Joe Strummer used to busk, to a local recording studio famed for being where Duran Duran’s 1981 hit ‘Girls on Film’ was recorded. 


Installation view at The Showroom, London, 2015. Photographs by Daniel Brooke

Dialogues and appearances by:
Denise Ferreira Da Silva writes about and researches violence and ethical issues of the global present, using tools from critical legal theory as well as feminist, racial and postcolonial theorising.

Dean Burke is known in the music scene as Owlz and lives locally to The Showroom.

Mehrak Golestan researched hip hop pedagogy for his Masters studies and PhD at SOAS and is known as the hip hop artist Reveal. He lives locally to The Showroom.

Wanderley Moreira Dos Santos trained as a psychodynamic psychotherapist at Tavistock Centre and researches race relations in Brazil and UK through cultural forms such as breakdance and hip hop.

Louise Shelley worked with various collectives, generating communal knowledge through art practice. She worked at The Showroom as the Collaborative Projects Curator.

Romeo K. Gambier is a hip hop DJ, known in the Dutch scene as Mixmaster Fader, he has appeared in various of van Oldenborgh’s works since 2005.