Footnotes to Beauty and the Right to the Ugly [2014]

two screening objects, one double-sided projection,
chapter one: 10 min.
chapter two: 6 min.
chapter three: 6 min.
wall poster, drawings

Maaike Balk
Romeo K. Gambier
Mirjam Kuhr
Hans Muskens
Maria Stortelder

Sébastien Koeppel
Artur Castro Freire
Ben De Wandel

live music
Romeo K. Gambier
Clarence van Niel
Ad Maas

sound recording
Pieter Van Eesbeek
Kwinten Van Laethem

sound mix
Titus Maderlechner

filmed on location
‘t Karregat, Eindhoven

produced by
Auguste Orts ︎

click here to read the review by Vivian Ziherl︎

Footnotes to Beauty and the Right to the Ugly was the first articulationation of an experimental work which took ‘t Karregat, a multifunctional neighbourhood center in Eindhoven, as its protagonist.
‘t Karregat, designed by the architect Frank Van Klingeren and completed in 1974, was planned in a district of new housing meant for an alternative middle class in Eindhoven. ‘t Karregat was an experimental design where different activities and functions –a library, two schools, a café, a health center, a supermarket and communal area– were connected under the same superstructure without walls to separate them. Before the main work, Beauty and the Right to the Ugly, was completed, the foootnotes were already announcing some of the issues in small moments and gestures.

Footnotes to Beauty and the Right to the Ugly consists of three small video projection structures, a wall print and some drawings, and exists independent of the larger installation.


Installation view at Wilfried Lentz Rotterdam, 2014