Roet in het Eten - Quinsy Gario

Through the format of the talkshow, Quinsy Gario (Artist, Poet) aims to provide insights and perspectives with which to enrich the public debate in the Netherlands. In each episode, 4 headlines are discussed with an invited panel of guests. Initiated in 2012 as a show on the multicultural Amsterdam-based radio station MART Radio, two years later it became a television talkshow on the Caribbean and South American centered cable channel RTV-7 and YouTube. The talkshow has been recorded at the Hugo Olijfveldhuis, which is owned by the Vereniging Ons Suriname (Society Our Suriname).

For Cinema Olanda: Platform, Gario will record new episodes of ROET IN HET ETEN on Tuesday 27 June and Saturday 1 July. Tuesday 27 June at Witte de With, and a special episode to mark Keti Koti - an annual commemoration, literally translating as 'Broken Chains', marking the abolition of slavery in the territories under Dutch colonial rule in 1863 - on Saturday 1 July at the Hip Hop Huis, Rotterdam. All 12 previous episodes of ROET IN HET ETEN are screened and available to view as part of the exhibition. The episode filmed on 1 July will be lived streamed in the exhibition space.

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youtube link part two ︎

Photographs by Aad Hoogendoorn

Installation view of Roet in het Eten, Quinsy Gario, 2017. Photograph by Kristien Daem

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