Sketch One: Lotte and Hermina [2018]

script-reading and screening
30 min.

first reading took place under the title Housing the Ghosts of Possibilities in BAK Utrecht as part of ‘Propositions #6 of Propositions for Non-Fascist Living’ ︎

with readers:
Paul Domela
Hannah Dawn Henderson
Charl Landvreugd
Hanneke Oosterhof

second reading took place in the Garage, Moscow in ‘bauhaus imaginista, Moving Away, the Internationalist architect’ ︎

with readers:
Thomas Flierl
Hannah Dawn Henderson
Julia Jung
Grant Watson

click here to access the full text of the script, published in the bauhaus imaginista journal ︎

The script for Sketch One: Lotte and Hermina one is compiled from fragments of various texts that Wendelien van Oldenborgh has encountered during her research into the voices and ideals of Bauhaus trained architect Lotte Stam-Beese and writer, editor, and fighter for equality Hermina Huiswoud. Stam-Beese was a major influence on Dutch post-WW II housing in her role as Chief Architect for Urban Planning for the Rotterdam Department for Urban Development and Reconstruction. Huiswoud, having edited the magazine The Negro Worker (1928–1937) and traveled the world for the Communist International (Comintern), became a political voice for the Caribbean-Dutch community, notably through her close connection with artists from the Harlem Renaissance (poet, social activist, and playwright Langston Hughes amongst them). Both Stam-Beese’s thoughts on housing and Huiswoud’s struggles for racial and class equality were approached through the ideals and early practices of communism. For both women, love and friendship had a significant role in their life trajectory. A film-collage of research images occurs alongside a live reading of the script by the artist and four other readers.

Research images