The exhibition catalogue includes a number of texts that offer a multifaceted reading of van Oldenborgh’s work, interwoven with installation views as well as stills from the videos. Akiko Wakabayashi’s design, which alternates between video stills and text, delves into the thought-provoking world of her work. In her first solo exhibition in Japan, “unset on-set,” six of her representative video works and new works will be exhibited. The new works, produced in Japan on the occasion of this exhibition, take texts, primarily by women writers active from the 1920s to the 1940s, that delve into issues such as women’s social status, sexuality, and war, and explore what aspects of today’s society they reflect.

Texts by Yuka Kanno, Binna Choi, Pablo de Ocampo, Andrew Maerkle, Kyongfa Che
Design by Akiko Wakabayashi
Published by torch press

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ISBN 978-4-907562-38-0